Commercial Restoration

No matter what kind of restoration service you require, we can easily provide you with instant relief by sending over our expert workers. If you are a commercial venture such as an office building or shopping plaza, we have more than enough labor and equipment to deal with calamities of the largest scale.

There is no need to take unnecessary risks by calling amateur companies to help you in your hour of need. Not only will they charge excessively but the services they provide offer no guarantees to curb your losses or arrive in a timely manner at the location.

Here is a list of the commercial restoration services we offer:

Water Restoration
Large quantities of water, especially water that isn’t stationary, is extremely hazardous to your health and personal property. Not only will we successfully remove all the water indoors, but also dry, dehumidify and fix the source of the water leak or flood in a timely fashion so that no further damage ensues. Whether it’s sprinkler water, pipe leakage or flooding, we are the ones you want to contact for the best and most reasonably priced services.

Fire Damage
Fire is a great tool if used in controlled amounts. If it turns against you, it becomes a serious threat as fire is a dangerous substance that knows no bounds. Within a matter of minutes, the damage caused by a fire can be lethal and life threatening.

In fire damage restoration, putting out the fire is just one part of the job. We know how to effectively deal with the wreckage and salvage as well as refurbish everything has been affected. 24 Hour Aliso Viejo Water Damage should be your number one option under such circumstances. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (949) 397-6640 to report fire damage. We’d be happy to assist you in a jiffy.

Smoke Removal
Another important byproduct of fire is smoke. And as dangerous as fire can be indoors, smoke can have almost the same effect on your home and your health. In large quantities, smoke causes massive damage to perishable goods and can cause instant suffocation in closed environments.

Smoke also sets of the sprinkler inside your work or living space which detects the smoke as a threat and releases water. That water also has the capacity to ruin your home on its own. Smoke can ignite another fire, so whilst it may seem harmless, it is a very dangerous element that needs to be removed instantly.

Water Suction
With our state of the art trucks and suction pumps, we can remove large amounts of water within a short time span, which decreases the overall drying time. The water needs to be removed so that there is no chance of any electrical shocks or power outages. Also, your valuable goods need to be salvaged as quickly as possible so removing water quickly is a high priority.

Until the water is removed completely, we cannot move further with the restoration process and we caution you to tread carefully in case of indoor flooding. For more information, check out our list of Dos and Don’ts to help deal with water flooding and damage until help arrives.

Sprinkle Damage Restoration
Sprinklers are present inside buildings as a preventative measure against indoor fires and smoke. Even a small fire can set of all the sprinklers systems as they are interlinked. The threat of the fire may be dispelled, but the water that is released needs to be removed on a timely basis.

Mosquitoes, mold and other harmful vectors need damp and wet conditions to increase their rate of reproduction, which in turn, increases the chances of you contracting a serious illness. The majority of restoration companies remove water and stop at that. They forget to collect the water from hard to reach areas such as inside the walls and other nooks. 24 Hour Aliso Viejo Water Damage vows to remove every water body present, small or large, to ensure that continue to live and breathe in a completely safe and hygienic environment.

Mold Formation
Mold is a big problem which is associated with stagnant and dirty water, which is left untreated in dark places for extended periods of time. The problem with mold is that it acts as a medium of transmission for all life threatening diseases. If not taken care of instantly, it can weaken the structure of your building.

Dehumidifying is an essential stage of the water restoration process. With the help of the latest equipment and air blowers, we bring down the moisture content to a safe level so that there are no defaults in electrical appliances and the overall environment of your house is safe again.

Dehumidifying is also important because there is a high risk of water incorporating itself in electrical wiring, resulting in a short circuit. This increases the chances of getting an electric shock should you come into contact with moisture anywhere in the house.

Clothing material such as rugs, tapestry, curtains and carpets need more time to dry out and some are made of fabrics which are ruined when they comes into contact with water. We have a highly skilled workforce who ensure that your items are dried, cleaned, repaired and installed once your home or office is returned to its original condition.

Restoration is a taxing and lengthy process. And the circumstances that force you to avail restoration services are also of critical importance. You have no choice but to spend a large sum amount of money to get your house or building in tip top condition, and under those conditions, other restoration companies will try their level best to maximise profits.

For us, the most important thing, is not your money, it is your peace of mind. We want you to be as relaxed as possible, and when you call us, our sole objective will be to bring you back to your normal schedule without any interferences and distractions. We directly bill your insurance companies so we do not have any sort of interest in leeching you without any valid reason. Your money is only to be spent in your work and nowhere else.

The details of our services are listed below and we provide them to the best of our abilities without any sort of monetary incentive whatsoever. If you require any kind of restoration at all, do not hesitate to contact 24 Hour Aliso Viejo Water Damage at (949) 397-6640.

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