Water Damage Restoration

Water is one of the most precious substances on this planet. Without water, there would be no human life or civilization. But whilst water is extremely important for our well being and survival, large amounts of uncontrolled water present in the wrong places can be a great hazard.

Entire buildings have been demolished and whole families shattered thanks to running water in big volumes. Losing your life in such cases is also a possibility. Property damage is one thing, loss of human lives is another and at 24 Hour Aliso Viejo Water Damage , we try our best to prevent both, particularly the latter.

We give 100% attention to each and everyone of our clients who are in desperate need of restoration services. Rather than taking advantage of the situation, we aim to ease the stress and tension you face by not getting in the way of your day-to-day activities. And you have nothing to worry about; even the costs of the restoration will be covered by your insurance company and we will extract it ourselves if we have to!

One of the biggest advantages of hiring 24 Hour Aliso Viejo Water Damage is the response time after getting a distress call. Within 30 minutes, we will send out our team of expert repairmen, firefighters, sewage cleaners and strategic planners to help you cope with the damage water has caused and get to work to undo that damage.

Your loss to property cannot be compensated easily. However, the loss of lives is something that’s irreversible. We simply do not want anything to happen to anyone while having the power to do something about it.

Water has the capacity to cause casualties in large numbers. It happens to be the best conductor of electric current, making people more susceptible to electrical shocks. For more information, take a look at our notice section later in the Dos and Don’ts of water damage.

We have prior experience in water damage restoration and our standard procedure is constantly modified and updated while keeping in view growing house-building trends in. The process that we follow ensures that the loss to life and property minimal.

Our, brave, honest and reliable workers will put their lives at risk to ensure your belongings are saved from any sort of calamity or mishap. Here is an overview of the way our workers will begin their restoration work as soon as they arrive on the spot:

Locating the Cause and/or Source
The water that has flooded your house has to have a source. There could be a plumbing mishap or your indoor ventilation system could be leaking. It could be really anything and we just want to make sure that the source is eliminated so that it not become the source of multiple problems down the line.

The reasons for the flooding could be one of the following and 24 Hour Aliso Viejo Water Damage is more than capable of helping you solve those issues:

1. Leaks in Piping
2. Plumbing problems
3. Central Air Conditioning and Heating spills

Until the source has not been located it cannot be fully eradicated or remedied, and the risks of performing restoration will increase, which might render us incapable of performing our tasks properly.

Water Suction and Dehumidification

The water needs to be removed in order for the whole recovery and repair process to begin. Our state of the art suction pumps mounted on carriage trucks have the capacity to successfully remove large quantities of water fairly quickly.

Sucking out large water bodies is a straightforward process and does not require too much effort and hassle, thanks to our equipment. However, the real problem is removing water from those dark nooks and crannies which cause massive trouble and damage later on.

We’re packing air blowers and miniature suction pipes combined with an overall know-how of what places to target to rid your space of moisture content. This needs to be below a certain level for optimum living conditions inside. Some appliances will also malfunction so it is extremely important to remove all the water that there is.

Once we confirm that all the water inside has been either sucked out or evaporated, we use special sprays and air filters to ensure that the moisture content inside the house remains low. We can remove water particles from all sorts of clothing materials such as rugs, carpets, curtains and sofas.

Until entire process is not concluded properly and followed up with a thorough inspection by our experts, we will not leave the premises. We want everything to be in top-top condition regardless of how long it takes.

Important Things to Know
Due to any reason, if you’re not able to establish contact with us right away, keep the following in mind, because during these crucial moments, making the wrong decision can severely compound your problems and lead to a lot of undue distress:

1. Minimal contact with water
2. If the air conditioning inside your house is not the issue, then keep the temperature as low as possible to maximise evaporation.
3. Do not attempt to use any electrical appliance or machinery.
4. STAY AWAY from electrical outlets and sockets.

If there is water leakage inside your house and you do not know what to do, call us now at (949) 397-6640 and let 24 Hour Aliso Viejo Water Damage take the stress off your shoulders.

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