Water Sprinkler Damage

As a preventative measure against fires, water sprinklers attached to ceilings release water in sprays to dispel and put them out. While they are extremely effective against small-scale fires, the water itself, if not cleared out properly, can be a hazard.

24 Hour Aliso Viejo Water Damage fully acknowledges all threat attached to sprinkler water damage, which is why we have a separate department for it. Water that’s released to dispel flames often leads to many complications when it is not cleared out using a thorough method.

This “leftover water” can cause electric shocks, promote the growth of mold and similar pathogens, which give rise to many illnesses and diseases. Stagnant water is an ideal environment for germs and bacteria to multiply. That is why dirty water is always associated with people falling unexpectedly sick, and those with weaker immune systems are more susceptible to it.

Water also increases the overall moisture content indoors, which can cause some electrical appliances to malfunction if used. The effects of that scenario can be catastrophic and a worst case scenario can be an explosion resulting in heavy damages and casualties.

The walls inside homes and offices are not strong enough to withstand huge shocks. The spraying water can cause damage to the walls making them weak and soggy. That decreases their load carrying capacity so if your walls cave in by any chance, the water sprinkler water is to blame.

24 Hour Aliso Viejo Water Damage uses high quality water suction methods which also include the spraying of mildewcides and pesticides to effectively kill germs and bacteria in the vicinity. Mold and other similar infestations can cause much damage to your property and weaken the overall structure of your space. Our methods ensure that you will need to disinfect only once every 5-6 years to prevent mold and bacteria growth. You have our guarantee that by the time we are done, there won’t be any sort threat of unwanted germs and parasites which have the capacity to damage your health as well as your belongings.

Our Methods
Naturally, when we receive a distress call with regards to sprinkler water damage, we assume two things. Firstly, there was or is a fire that has not been taken care of. And secondly, that you are worried about your possessions being damaged by the water.

In both the cases, you made the correct decision by contacting us. We have previously dealt with such problems and eradicated them successfully. We have adopted a set method of restoration that has proven effective time after time.

The things that can get affected by sprinkler water, which either need to be restored or repaired are:

1. Furniture(sofas, cushions, etc)
2. Electrical appliances (TV, fridges, air conditioners etc.)
3. Paperwork and important documents
4. Structural composition of your building

If the fire that set off the sprinklers is not taken care of, then that will be our first priority, as fires can very easily go out of control. Check out our Fire Damage Restoration page for more details. When the fire has been dispelled and taken care of, then only can we work on removing the water and starting the restoration process.

The procedure that we use to cater to our sprinkler water damage clients is constantly being revised and improved to comply with the growing styles of house building and construction. Here is the process that we use:

1. Scouting
Scouting and inspecting is the first step of our sprinkler water restoration procedure. The moment you contact us, we will dispatch a group of experienced professionals to the location to aid and assist you. Without requiring any sort of instructions, they will begin their work. A designated representative will gauge and assess the damage to decide exactly how much manpower and equipment is needed to get the job done.

Everything you need to know about the restoration process will be discussed with you by our representative and should you choose to opt for our services, he will call your insurance company right away to inform them of the cost and expenditure of the procedure.

2. Suction
Once we bring you in the know with regard to our working methods, we will begin the suction and removal of all excess water. If the water is not removed, restoration and repairwork on your property cannot begin.

With the help of state of the art high powered suction pumps and vans, we will be able to remove all the water from your space in a short period of time. While we take on the responsibility of repairing all those things that are damaged by the water, there are certain items that are irreplaceable after coming into contact with water just once.

These things could be important documents and paperwork or pieces of priceless art. We can not take responsibility of such goods and whilst we will try everything in our power to reduce damage to these items caused by water, may not always be able to restore them to their previous state.

This is where your insurance company comes in and we are more than capable of extracting your payment from them. They are the ones responsible for our payment and we are well aware of their tactics and tricks to sometimes engage in diversionary tactics when it comes to clearing your dues.

Stagnant water bodies are one of the biggest sources of illnesses and diseases which are detrimental to the health of every person who resides or works in the affected area. Our aim is to completely eliminate the chances of anyone falling sick or having to face any sort of trouble.

3. Recovery/Repairing
When every water body, small or large, is removed with the help of high pressure suction pumps,, the challenging work of salvaging and repairing the property and possessions affected by the water begins.

After consultation thorough assessment, useless and completely destroyed goods are discarded. Items that have a chance of being repaired will be taken to our warehouse where our workers will give them a makeover so that they are usable again.

Rest assured, nothing will be damaged during this process as we have the best trucks which are fully maintained to ensure that no mishap occurs on the road. Once we have successfully restored your items, we return them to their respective spots, according to your needs. There are absolutely zero changes of items getting misplaced or stolen because that’s a responsibility our workers solely bear as they are highly reliable and trustworthy individuals.

4. Drying and Dehumidification
Whilst our workers will be working restoring your damaged goods and furniture, equal attention will be given to your space as well such as normalizing moisture levels, drying off properly through dehumidification and sterilising it. There’s much work that needs to be done to ensure that three to your four years down the lane, you do not have to face any sort of contingency on our behalf.

Our workers use expensive gadgets to monitor and detect higher than normal moisture levels as those small water bodies can be breeding grounds for vectors of dangerous diseases.

We know exactly how much trouble you went through and we do not want to further add to your worries by making you sick due to our inefficiency in cleaning up after such a disaster.

Only 24 Hour Aliso Viejo Water Damage can provide you with the best restoration services in all of Aliso Viejo at highly affordable rates. Call us now at (949) 397-6640 to have all your problems solved instantly!

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