Sewage Flooding

Sewer leakage and flooding is a problem that is almost as dangerous as the ones mentioned previously, since sewage water can lead to serious health ailments and is an absolute nuisance to bear with. Sewage accumulating on the road in an open environment is one thing. But if your home or building starts to overflow with sewage water, then that is a very big threat to your safety and a genuine problem that requires urgent professional attention.

Sewage water is also known as ‘black water’ or ‘sludge’ and contains all sorts of dirt, diseases and waste products. Toxic and sometimes even radioactive materials due to malignant pathogens and bacteria are often present.

In addition, the gases released can be lethal and highly flammable; all it takes is a spark to ignite a fire, further adding to your worries and damages. If such a calamity has befallen you, call 24 Hour Aliso Viejo Water Damage now at (949) 397-6640 for the best cleaning and restoration services available in Aliso Viejo.

Our workers are more than experienced to handle any sort of sewage issue that might arise in homes and buildings. We have the best equipment and the most skilled workers at our disposal and we can successfully clean and restore practically anything you can image.

Causes of Sewage Flooding
Here are some of the major reasons of sewage flooding which require immediate professional intervention:

1. Sanitary Sewers Blockage
If the main sewer line of your street or vicinity is clogged, then there’s a high likelihood that it will back up inside. At that point, you will not be the only one suffering but your neighbors as well.

2. Faulty Piping
Cracks in the pipes due to overloading or high pressure could lead to a leak. Gas accumulation is also a major reason, which is very dangerous and toxic.

3. Roots
If there’s dense greenery around or inside your house such as in your backyard, then there is a chance that tree roots can find their way into weak points of your pipes and continue to grow roots there. In search of water, tree roots have the capacity to traverse large distances and break through even the hardest substances.

4. Flooding
Sewage lines can sometimes overflow due to heavy rains that fill up gutters. That mixes with the sewer water and cause a massive overflow over a large area.

Problems and Risks
Black water is a very dangerous and harmful material that is home to many diseases and unknown cretins. This water can either be extremely acidic or extremely alkaline, but either way, it will cause irreparable damage to your belongings, if they come into contact.

Here are some of the most severe and harmful effects of prolonged exposure to sewage water over a large period of time:

● Hepatitis
● Legionnaires Disease
● Gastroenteritis
● Asthma
● Allergic Alveolitis
● Dermatitis
● Cancer (Blood, Liver, Kidney)

The chances of getting sick are very much real and we provide each and everyone of our clients with the best possible services to get them out of harm’s way fast. Keeping the residents of Aliso Viejo safe after they are subjected to such a calamity is our obligation.
These are some of the hazards involved in sewage flooding and. If such a problem arises, we expect you to contact us immediately for help at (949) 397-6640 so that we can aid and assist you in any way possible.

Sanitary Work
Cleaning of black water is a dirty and grimy job but someone has to do. Luckily, we offer high incentives to our workers so that they are fully motivated to perform all necessary tasks. Not only will they clean the affected area and restore damaged goods, but they will also sanitize the entire space so that no sort germs or traces of bacteria remain.

The first step is to locate the source and eliminate it. Our experienced plumbers and restoration specialists can very easily overcome any sewage challenge in the least amount of time. Once that is done, the suction of that nasty black water can begin. With cutting-edge suction pipes and pumps, we will suck out all the sludge sewage material and begin the cleanup process inside your living space.

Sewage materials leave behind pungent odors that make it hard to breathe. We have devised special methods and techniques to get rid of these odors permanently. With the help of aromatherapy, which hardly any other restoration company uses, we will make your indoor conditions livable again in no time, and make breathing indoors back to normal.

While solid furniture can be cleaned more easily than clothing articles and other fabric material, we cannot take responsibility for damaged goods that are rendered completely useless as a result of coming into contact with dirty sewage water.

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